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Freeze dried 


The freeze-dried super berries come from fresh, healthy, washed, and selected berries that have been eliminated by the freeze-drying process.

Freeze-dried powder is a product made from dehydrated whole berries that can later be processed with special mills for these purposes that give us the desired texture, it is 100% natural, it does not contain additives, preservatives, flavorings, or colorants of any kind.

Our freeze-dried powder is prepared according to HACCP and GMP standards, our processing plant is located in the Los Lagos Region, southern Chilean Patagonia.

Selling Formats

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Corrugated Box
10 kg net.


Applications with  Freeze Dried Berries


Protein Bars: Adding chunks of freeze-dried fruit to protein bars is a great change in innovation as it will be a functional bar rich in properties and will not have lost any vitamin. In general, it is very well accompanied by nuts.


Pouches: The freeze-dried powder gives a gritty effect to vegetable and fruit pouches, where you can appreciate the small seeds and residues that berries leave giving a much more natural experience when consuming these pouches.


Breakfast Yogurt: Give your morning yogurt a vibrant purple color with freeze-dried powder of maqui berry for nutritious breakfast full of vitamins and properties of maqui.


Beauty: Many studies have shown that some berries are beneficial for the skin is because this that they are the perfect ingredient to be able to incorporate into your skin cream. Give it that value-added that berries have so that your cream has more vitamins.


Purée: The berry purée is an easy recipe to make with a freeze-dried powder and water you will be able to have an instant berry puree, a nutritious food that preserves all the properties of the berries and you can accompany it in any dish. 

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