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Raspberry Freeze-Dried Powder


The raspberry freeze-dried powder is obtained with freeze-drying technology from healthy and ripe fruit (Rubus idaeus).

This freeze-dried powder is 100% natural, it does not
contain additives, colorants, preservatives or carriers, made under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and HACCP.

This product is considered non-genetically modified and is not derived from a genetically modified organism, does not contain allergens, preservatives, or any ingredient with potential allergens.

This product is not irradiated or derived from an irradiated organism. It complies with Chilean regulations, the Codex Alimentarius, the European Union and the
FQPA pesticide regulations.

Chemical  Parameters




BRC Food Safety 



Packaging and Storage

  • Primary Packaging: The product is packed in polyethylene bags of 75 microns with a capacity of 5 kg net.

  • Secondary packaging: 2 bags with primary packaging are placed in 12 microns metalized polyester and polyethylene bag.

  • Tertiary packaging: Metalized polyester and polyethylene bag are packaged inside a corrugated box with a capacity of 10 kg net.


  • The vehicles for transport must be authorized for food.

  • 40 'and   20 ' reefer containers. 

Shelf Life

3 years stored at 20 - 25 °C in the original packing, humidity below 70% and protected from direct sunlight.

Nutrition Facts

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