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About us


Specialists in berries

Bayas del Sur works to satisfy the needs of value-added food products and functional ingredients derived from berries of Chilean Patagonia lands and to be globally recognized as the world's berry fruits specialists.

The facility in which we transform our berries into concentrated Patagonol juices is of Swiss technology and small-scale processes.


In this way, our specialists can generate extremely careful production, supervising every detail in a unique way.

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We have customers in more than 30 countries 


We have been in the market for 31 years

About us


In our process, we follow strict quality controls


We are committed to being a sustainable and regenerative company


Our process is from Swiss technology in our Concentrates Juices


Our products are oriented to the industrial market

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Patagonol is our product line oriented to the industrial market, food companies, beverages, and nutraceuticals. Our Juice Concentrate and Freeze-Dried with seven flavors products have the guarantee of color, flavor, and anthocyanin content, extracted with the highest standards, quality controls, care for the environment, and respect for local communities.


Freeze Dried Berries

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