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The  most Austral
facility in the world
to process   berries...

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On the edges of Chilean Patagonia, Bayas del Sur was born more than 30 years ago. A company that arises seeking to bring the world part of the purity and magic of this land.

A few kilometers from Purranque in the Los Lagos Region, Chile, Bayas del Sur discovered not only its home but also a great opportunity in the processing of berries, thanks to the favorable climatic, soil and water conditions, which deliver products of exceptional quality and aroma.

Bayas del Sur works to satisfy the needs of value-added products and functional ingredients derived from berries of  Chilean Patagonia lands and to be globally recognized as the world's berry fruits specialist. 

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Specialists in

The best fruits from the south of Chile are processed with Swiss technology, specialized in the extraction of berries, to obtain Juice Concentrate and Freeze-dried fruits with outstanding characteristics for the international market, which allows us to sustain international certifications.

Our 2,500 m plant processes raw material from Maquiberry, Elderberry, Blueberry, Raspberry,  Blackberry, Strawberry and Cranberry.

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