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Juice Concentrate

Our juice concentrate comes from unfermented berry juice obtained from healthy, washed and selected berries from which their water content has been removed.

The juice concentrate is a viscous liquid the color of berries, 100% natural that does not contain additives, preservatives, flavorings or colorants of any kind.

This product is prepared according to HACCP and GMP standards.




Jerry Can

25 kg net.


Metallic Drum

274.5 kg net.

Applications with
Juice Concentrate


Functional Juices: Patagonol juice concentrate is a perfect ingredient for a functional juice since its solubility is 100 and there are no remains of fruit and the properties are used when adding it to the recipe.


Smoothie Preparations: Smoothies with berries juice concentrate exist and can be a good alternative to start the day with energy by having a healthy and colorful breakfast!

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Dessert Sauce: Desserts are the best part of dinner. What better way to enjoy a good cake with a berry sauce on top of it? One hundred percent natural giving the Patagonian touch, sweet and at the same time adding properties natural to our plate.


Ice Cream: Ice creams that acquire vibrant purple color depending on which Patagonia's berrie is being added to it.
Ice creams unique in properties, color and flavor! 

sport cuadrada.jpg

Energy Drinks: Energy drinks are very useful. When it comes to exercising or when we go to perform very heavy tasks for long periods.  Our products are rich in vitamins, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and multiple properties to help develop an energy drink rich in benefits to perform optimally any activity.

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Alcoholic Beverages: Our juice concentrates are highly sought after for their power color in alcoholic beverages such as champagne, some wines, etc. Our products generate a unique color when mixed with a liqueur. The concentration is so perfect that the color is pure and becomes 100 percent soluble.

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Black drops.

Containing equivalent fruit 35-40% w/w.

Functional properties by high polyphenolics from Patagonian super berries.

Bulk packaging.
Taylor made formulations.

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