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The objective of the event is to expand and strengthen the commercial ties between Korea and Latin American and the Caribbean Countries, and to provide a better understanding of investment and trade opportunities.

The relationship between Korea and Latin American and the Caribbean has come a long way. As the two economies embraced trade with one another in the early 1990s, their connection went from being irrelevant to being a wealth machine.

Bayas del Sur will be present with CEO Mr. Raul Bacciarini, To show how it is to satisfy the needs of customers with superfoods offered by Chilean Patagonia and the creation of unique and quality products. Delivering life and reliable service.

Representing Maquiberry but also a great opportunity in the processing of berries, thanks to the favorable climatic, soil and water conditions, which deliver products of exceptional quality and aroma.

How we are committed to being a sustainable and regenerative company, We follow strict quality controls, In this way, our specialists can generate extremely careful production, supervising every detail in a unique way.

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